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  1. Cellophanity, Putin-pleasuring and Pinot Gris

    A significant portion of which is devoted to a spirited ‘crie de coeur’ on the subject of ready meal packaging, and most of the rest of which contemplates distasteful sexual activities practised upon Russian politicians. I’m up-front about this stuff, y’know.

  2. Pain, Lloyd-Webber, Relativism, Redditch and Macon-Villages

    In which Old Parn has his pain threshold put to the test, both physically and psychologically, and his concept of luxury dramatically redefined — before collapsing into the embrace of a Wine Society half-bottle.

  3. A fresh, thunderstorm-clearing Alsace Riesling

    … is a wine for rooftop terraces and golden sunshine

  4. Pedro Ximenez Don Marcelo Jerez review

    … is delicious, extraordinary and quite goddamn sexy. Even if it *does* taste of raisins. Because wrinkles can be sexy, too.

  5. Jurancon Sec Chant des Vignes, Domaine Cauhapé 2010 review

    … doesn’t play remotely hard to get: extrovert, fruit-laden, immediate

  6. Alsace Pinot Noir, Kuentz-Bas Collection 2005 review

    … will help you avoid meting out acts of equine violence should you be confronted with the prospect of a Pinot Noir Twitter shindig

  7. Pouilly-Fume 2009, Seguin (half bottle) review

    … is a sharp, acidic gob-flasher who reads Zola novels and plays the bassoon

  8. Wine Society half bottles roundup

    In which three French half-bottles from The Wine Society are put through the rigorous Parn tasting process