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Naked Wines reviews

Logo of Naked Wines alongside photograph of a lineup of wine bottles

Founded in 2005 by a small band of castaways from Virgin Wines, Naked Wines is a spunky young newcomer to the world of online wine retail in the UK.

I’m rather fond of the company: they have some nice wines, and — above all — their customer service, responsiveness and internet-savvy is second to none in the UK wine trade.

You don’t need to be a member to order from Naked Wines, though all members receive a 33% discount off all purchases. Delivery is very quick indeed — typically next day.

Below, you’ll find a collection of my posts and reviews of Naked Wines. This is a wine retailer I recommend — especially if you're not too geeky about your wine, and like the idea of discovering new wines in an unpretentious, sociable online setting.

Slovenia vs Slovakia (wine and geographic confusion)

In which two utterly different wines from two utterly different countries are arbitrarily compared on the grounds that Old Parn sometimes gets their names mixed up.

A Pinotage that’s all fruit and curves and perpetual smiling

Manley Estate’s Pinotage is all fruit and soft curves and perpetual smiling — and I can’t help wishing it’d make me work a bit harder

Battery Chardonnay or Jane Austen Chardonnay?

… may not possess Austen-esque poise, but it has manners, and doesn’t overwhelm and disgust you with noxious belching

A wine that’s all about blackcurrant

… is basically just like my parents’ blackcurrant jelly

A loving 70s housewife of a wine

… has a picture of a horse on it

Old Parn’s Wine Awards 2011, part 2

In which your host doles out some more awards, in his customarily otiose manner, including those for best wine retailers — and your own favourite posts from 2011

Mauricio Lorca, Angel’s Reserve Malbec review

… is one angel that takes a while to grow on you — metamorphosing from an empty disappointment to a rather pleasant gob filler

Villebois Sauvignon Blanc Prestige review

… goes straight down the Sauvignon Blanc line. Doesn’t veer off at idiosyncratic angles or bisect it haphazardly like a drunkard playing hopscotch. Oh no. It goes down that line.

Arabella Reserve Shiraz Viognier review

… smells like Bulgarian woodsmoke in August; smells like respite from the guilt of being A Bit Shit With Bulgarian Orphans; smells like charmingly self-indulgent adolescent ennui

Mauricio Lorca Angel’s Reserve Torrontes review

… is perfect for a reception or a party or a sly few mouthfuls before dinner with interesting company. Or even with boring company.