My coat. My lovely coat.

Old Parn has lost his coat.

Navy blue coat from Oliver SpencerApologies, everyone, for a small interruption to normal service. But I’ve lost my coat.

It’s a very nice coat, and I liked it very much. So it saddens me that I managed to lose it. On a sodding train, that will have ended up at Paddington some time yesterday evening.

Why is this relevant?

It’s relevant because there was a pack of business cards in the pocket of that coat, with the address of this website on it.

So I’m hoping that, somewhere out there, an honourable, kind-hearted coat-rescuer has picked up that coat, found that card and is visiting this website. If that’s you — please drop me a line. I’ll obviously offer a ‘reward’.

I’m actually pretty dismayed about this, as I loved that coat. Alas.

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