About Old Parn

Photo of Old Parn (Tom Parnell) looking, in arch fashion, through a glass of red wine. He's got a red T-shirt on.Who’s it for?

This blog’s for you if you like wine, but don’t want to get too technical about it.

It’s for you if you’re more interested in having a good time with a glass in your hand than you are about cataloguing every last flavour and awarding a mark out of 100.

It’s for you if you think reading about wine should be as easy as drinking it.

In other words, this is a blog for normal people who like wine. Relatively normal people, anyway. You don’t have to be a wine obsessive, a wine expert (though far be it from me to turn you away if you are). Just drink the stuff.

Who’s it by?

Old Parn, of course.

Old Parn is a man who loves wine. That’s his sole qualification for writing this blog. By day he is a writer cum designer — a Communicator, if you want to get all wanky about it.

He’s the deluded goof in the photo up top, posing (with daring originality) alongside a wineglass and corkscrew.

He lives in Oxford London, England, and spends too much time conceiving ideas; too little time executing them. For often has it been said that his ideas should be executed.

Confusingly, Old Parn doesn’t actually appear to be all that old. But there’s a fucking minging picture of him up in the attic. He is also occasionally known and referred to by his real name, which is Tom Parnell.

When not indulging in blasphemous tirades about alcohol, he indulges in blasphemous tirades about other more-or-less unrelated things, and savage bursts of laser cello. He also sells his mad designin’ & writin’ skillz to those who care to buy ’em. He tweets his withered little heart out as @oldparn on Twitter.

Things people have said about Old Parn

‘Parnell is crass … and uninspiring … insipid, weak, cowardly’ — Tom Wark, ‘Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog’

‘Your style fuckin’ sucks!’ — Thomas Pellechia, ‘Wine writer + educator’

‘Boring and in tune with the wine blogosphere in 2006, not 2011’ — Jeff Lefevere, ‘Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto’ (Est. 2006)