Competition: Win a half-case of wine worth over £40

A competition offering a delightful, winey prize. To enter, you must simply tweet…

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I’m giving away five bottles of very nice wine — worth £40.

Why in hell’s name would I want to do that? Mainly because I’m a swell kind of guy. But also because I want to spread the word about this blog of mine.

And so, to enter this competition, I’m asking you to send a tweet. That is (if you’re not au fait with this nonsense) a message on Twitter. That’s all.

How do I enter, then?

First up, this competition is only for people living in the UK. Or, at least, I can only deliver the wine to a UK address. Sorry to the rest of the world.

Aside from that, though, it’s open to anyone with a Twitter account. Just send a tweet that contains the link ‘’ and the hashtag ‘#winecompetition’. For example:

I just entered the #winecompetition at via @billicatons

You can do it yourself, by hand, or alternatively just click the button below, which’ll open a new twitter window with a ready-made tweet for you to post or edit:

So, to reiterate, as long as your tweet includes the link and the hashtag #winecompetition, it can say anything you want. It’s important you include those two elements, though, as they are what I’ll be using to track the entries.

… And that’s literally all you need to do. Just do it before the closing date (Monday 28 February). There’s no entry fee, no caption contest, no risk, no catch. So you may as well do it, yeah?

And what happens then?

The competition is now open. So tweet away. It’ll close at 11pm (GMT) on Monday 28 February 2011. That means you have over a week to send a single tweet. Generous enough?

I’ll be tracking all the tweets, and, at the end of the competition, I’ll randomly draw a winner from all the people who’ve sent the tweet.

I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday 1 March. You might like to subscribe to the blog (by email or RSS) — or else shuffle over on that date to find out who won. I’ll also announce the winner on Twitter, where I go under the name @billicatons.

Tell me more about the prize

The above is pretty much all you need to know to enter. But you’re curious about the wines you could win, aren’t you? Well, I’m glad you asked…

The prize is five bottles of wine from The Wine Society — all of which I’ve reviewed. The half-case is worth £44.40 (including delivery). The wines themselves are as follows (in each case, the link takes you to my original review):

Millton Te Arai | ★★★★ | £12.95
‘Imagine a mug of lemon and honey where the combinations are absolutely perfectly judged. Then forget that, because this is way fucking nicer.’

Brindisi Rosso Vigna Flaminio | ★★★★ | £6.95
‘A wine that — quite literally — made me shout with joy’

Domaine de Gournier, Cevennes | ★★★ | £5.75
‘A wine that doesn’t strip to its underwear while you’re still pouring the drinks.’

Cotes du Rhone, Domaine Jaume | ★★★ | £7.25
‘A wine that doesn’t pretend to be TS Eliot. Just a good, honest gobfiller.’

… and, finally, the first bottle of wine I ever wrote about, back before I’d started this blog…

Grant Burge Benchmark Shiraz | £6.50
‘A bracingly intense blend of blackcurrant and shoe polish (FUCKING LOVELY SHOE POLISH).’

So, yeah, there you have it. Enter, enter, my pretties. Here’s that handy tweet button again:

Remember, your tweet just has to include #winecompetition and the link

Small print (actually the same size as all the rest)

This competition features wines from The Wine Society, but it is in no way sponsored or endorsed by that company. I just happen to like its wines, so that’s where I’ll be ordering them from for you, should you win.

If any of the wines I’ve listed above is out of stock by the closing date, I’ll replace it with a wine of at least the same value.

Thanks to the inexorable, remorseless passage of time, some of the wines will be of a different vintage from those I originally reviewed. I trust you’ll deal with this admirably.

The prize includes the cost of postage to a UK address.

Delivery to a non-UK address is not possible. If the winner does not have a UK address, I will repeat the draw.

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