Mauricio Lorca Angel’s Reserve Torrontes review

A bottle of Angel's Reserve: simple white label with a green piece of tribal-looking art (a drawing of a bird)So, from those spunky folk at Naked Wines, here’s a pleasant young wine. You’ll get on nicely, I reckon. Very gentle and soft, you know? Peachy, scented, a smidge of sweetness. Ever had Gewurtztraminer? This is a bit Gewurtzty.

Very fruited but not sickly, it’s not mind-blowingly spice laden in the way that Gewurtztraminer can be — and doesn’t have the mesmerising frictionlessness of the likes of Spy Valley Gewurtz. No, it’s lighter, easier. Perhaps a little less remarkable.

Which isn’t the same as saying bad. Not at all.

This is an incredibly easygoing wine. Perfect for a reception or a party or a sly few mouthfuls before dinner with interesting company.

Or even with boring company. You’ll need cheering up, I guess.

Rating ★★★ 3 stars (good)
Region La Rioja
Grape Torrontes
ABV 13%
Price £8.99 from Naked Wines (£5.99 to members)

4 Replies to “Mauricio Lorca Angel’s Reserve Torrontes review”

  1. Put together a talented winemaker and an interesting grape and this is what you get. Think I’ll get some.

  2. Carol Arthur says: Reply

    I love this wine. It’s the perfect summer aperitif. Great to be supporting a talented winemaker too rather than one of the mass producers.

  3. I must say I liked this wine for its textbook Torrontes floral nose, and didn’t mind its lightweight nature.

    There was an interesting comparison to be had with Mauricio Lorca’s more “grown up” Torrontes, the Lirico 2010 – also available from Naked. I wrote “Very ripe fruit, perfumed peach on the nose, quite rich but elegant”. I think that means I liked it. But it is sadly sold out.

    1. A shame indeed — it sounds rather nice. And, yes, lightweight isn’t necessarily an undesirable quality. Especially in this ‘delightful summery weather’ we’re having.

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