Pouilly-Fume 2009, Seguin (half bottle) review

… is a sharp, acidic gob-flasher who reads Zola novels and plays the bassoon

A half bottle of Pouilly-Fume from the Wine SocietyThis is a delicious wine. Buoyant zing, spring leaves. I love it when a sharp, acidic gob-flasher like this is backed up by that bready wholeness that rounds it out and gives it depth.

A flasher who reads Zola novels and plays the bassoon.

Almost criminally drinkable, it’s lovely, balanced, fresh. A long-lasting tongue-tingler. And it comes in a half-bottle, alright?


Again, here’s what Sauvignon Blanc can do, kids. (And when I say ‘kids’, obviously I mean ‘over-18-year-olds’.) Sauvignon Blancs can be exquisitely balanced — fresh, immediate, springy — yet non-cloying.

Lovely stuff.

Rating 4 stars (very good)
Region Pouilly Fume, Loire
Grape Sauvignon Blanc
ABV 12.5%
Price £7.50 for a half bottle from The Wine Society

4 thoughts on “Pouilly-Fume 2009, Seguin (half bottle) review”

  1. I love SB but they are sometimes too rich. This one sounds like it might be a little fresher/crisper.

    oh and “Enjoyed this post? Why the heck don’t you subscribe, then, you apathetic fucker?”

    Very nice, made me laugh. I subscribed to you awhile ago but I must have missed that. (How could I?)

    1. Absolutely agree, Alyssa — SBs can definitely be a bit full-on.

      As for the subscribe prompt, I’m all about the small details. The small, offensive details.

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