Musar Jeune Rouge 2008 review

Macro closeup of the label of a bottle of Musar Jeune from Chateau Musar in Lebanon. Cursive typeface adorns a white label


Crack this bad boy open and it’s like you just inhaled the contents of your herb rack.

Sometimes a wino will say that something smells herby — then you smell it yourself and go, ‘Eh? Wot? Smells o’ bloody wine to me!’ So let me assure you: this really does smell herby. It’s actually a lot like walking into one of those marvellously crowded little shops that sell every oriental spice, herb and seasoning you could imagine (and several you couldn’t). It even has that same slight headachey mustiness to it.

But, c’mon. Get it in your gob, why don’t you?

Because it’s good. It’s very good. The depth of the herbs is there, yeah, along with a sizzling tingle of pepper. Then the spices come through: cinnamon, nutmeg and the gang.

So far you’d be forgiven for thinking it all sounds pretty gruff.

… But it’s actually remarkably soft and accessible. Fresh (unbaked), with a fair bit of fruit — cooked plum, red fruits, blueberry — as well as wood, chocolate, aniseed on the finish. Rather goddarn rounded, don’t y’know?


I’d buy this like a fucking shot. I mean, look at the price. It’s full, generous, balanced, long, rewarding.

Very good indeed.

Rating ★★★★ (4 stars)
ABV 13%
Price £8.60 from Summertown Wine Cafe (buy in store only), £9.25 from Bakers & Larners

3 Replies to “Musar Jeune Rouge 2008 review”

  1. Well, you’ve clearly found a good ‘un. Chateau Musar is clearly trying to cash in on its own reputation by releasing a whole raft of young, blended and frankly spin-off labels – see our own ramblings (in both senses) amongst their young offspring on

    Thank goodness there’s another one which is worth tracking down! (But do avoid the Mosaic…)

  2. Very interested to read this. I ordered some bottles of the Jeune a few weeks back (I’m a big fan of all things Musar), but the retailer sent me Chateau Musar 2002 by mistake! I owned up but decided to keep the wine, so no Jeune for me just yet . . .

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